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I am a Freelance Writer and Nature Photographer who has a passion for the things of God. My desire is to be used by God to bring inspiration and encouragement through writing and photography.

I try to draw my inspiration from the beauty of nature. Through the years I have learned in order to keep receiving inspiration from God time must be spent with him on a daily basis. Through prayer and scripture reading, the ideas seem to flow from the hand of God to my heart.

Despite the struggles life has brought my way, they have been endured with the help of God. The time spent with God has given me a hope filled with boundless new possibilities. May you find that hope through the words, and photos, God has given me to share with you.

My love of photography came some years later in my life. My dream, after high school was to attend college and become a photojournalist. However, I went into the Marine Corps instead.

These days I'm doing my best to capture quality wildlife images on camera. I work hard to produce the best quality photos of nature for you to enjoy.  My heart's desire is for you to see the beauty and glory of God through the camera lens. 

My hope is that the gifts God has given to me will touch your heart, inspire, encourage, and bless you. My main goal in writing is to draw you closer to God and bring him all the glory he deserves.

I would have you to know that no matter your situation there is a God who cares. A God who is moved with compassion, so much so, that he sent his one and only son to die for your sins.

I currently publish on I'm the Dothan Christianity Examiner. Those articles can be found by clicking the link below.

Dothan Christianity Examiner

My blog is called Remnant Seekers

My Facebook fan page is dedicated to God and contains photographs and links to things I have written. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

Joseph L. Parker Freelance Writer and Nature Photographer

My prayer for you is, that God would always cause his face to shine upon you. That God would bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine or can contain. That God would wrap you in his tender arms of mercy and make his grace available to you in time of your need.

You may contact me at the following email address  You can email me at the above address if you have any questions or would like to let me know how God has inspired you through the gifts he has given me and how they might have touched your heart.

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